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Publications BioFuel

Les publications scientifiques permettent de diffuser des informations scientifiques et techniques, dans le respect très strict des clauses contractuelles de propriété intellectuelle, définies avec chaque partenaire.

Publications scientifiques récentes :

1. Eibner S., Margeriat A., Broust F., Laurenti D., Geantet C., Julbe A., Blin J. Catalytic deoxygenation of model compounds from flash pyrolysis oflignocellulosic biomass over activated charcoal-based catalysts. 2017. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 219 : p. 517-525.

2. Protásio T.D.P., Guimarães Junior M., Mirmehdi S., Trugilho P.F., Napoli A., Monteiro Knovack K. Combustion of biomass and charcoal made from babassu nutshell. 2017. Revista Cerne, 23 (1): p. 1-10.

3. Kouteu Nanssou P.A., Blin J., Baréa B., Barouh N., Villeneuve P. Production of biodiesel in solvent-free medium catalyzed by crude lipase powder from Adansonia grandidieri and Jatropha mahafalensis seeds: Effects of alcohol polarity, glycerol and thermodynamic water activity. 2017. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 65 (39) : p. 8683-8690.

4. Dejean A., Ouédraogo I.W.K., Mouras S., Valette J., Blin J. Shea nut shell based catalysts for the production of ethanolic biodiesel. 2017. Energy for Sustainable Development, 40: p. 103-111.

5. Ruiz M., Martin E., Blin J., Van de Steene L., Broust F. Understanding the secondary reactions of flash pyrolysis vapors inside a hot gas filtration unit. 2017. Energy and Fuels, 31 (12): p. 13785-13795.

6. Moussavou Mounguengui R.W., Brunschwig C., Baréa B., Villeneuve P., Blin J. 2016. Assessing the enzyme activity of different plant extracts of biomasses from Sub-Saharan Africa for ethyl biodiesel production. Energy and Fuels: 9 p.

7. Noumi E.S., Rousset P., De Cassia Oliveira Carneiro A., Blin J. 2016. Upgrading of carbon-based reductants from biomass pyrolysis under pressure. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis: 8 p.

8. Berthet M.A., Commandre J.M., Rouau X., Gontard N., Angellier-Coussy H. 2016. Torrefaction treatment of lignocellulosic fibres for improving fibre/matrix adhesion in a biocomposite. Materials and Design, 92: p. 223-232.

9. J.-F. Hoffmann, J.-F. Henry, G. Vaitilingom, R. Olives, M. Chirtoc, D. Caron, X. Py,Temperature dependence of thermal conductivity of vegetable oils for use in concentrated solar power plants, measured by 3omega hot wire method, International Journal of Thermal Sciences,Volume 107,2016,Pages 105-110,

10. Elvira Rodriguez Alonso, Capucine Dupont, Laurent Heux, Denilson Da Silva Perez, Jean-Michel Commandre, Christophe Gourdon,Study of solid chemical evolution in torrefaction of different biomasses through solid-state 13C crosspolarization/magic angle spinning NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) and TGA (thermogravimetric analysis), Energy,Volume 97,2016,Pages 381-390,

11. G. Chidikofan, A. Benoist, M. Sawadogo, G. Volle, J. Valette, Y. Coulibaly, J. Pailhes, F. Pinta, Assessment of Environmental Impacts of Tar Releases from a Biomass Gasifier Power Plant for Decentralized Electricity Generation, Energy Procedia, Volume 118, 2017.

12. Ramalho F.M.G., Hein P.R.G., Andrade J.M., Napoli A. 2017. Potential of near infrared spectroscopy for distinguishing charcoal produced from planted and native wood for energy purpose. Energy Fuels, 2017, 31 (2), pp 1593–1599

13. Débora Fernanda Reis Nascimento, Luiz Eduardo de Lima Melo, José Reinaldo Moreira da Silva, Paulo Fernando Trugilho, Alfredo Napoli. Effect of moisture content on specific cutting energy consumption in Corymbia citriodora and Eucalyptus urophylla woods. Scientia Forestalis, volume 45, n. 113, p.221-227, março de 2017.

14. Assis M. R., Brancheriau L. ; Napoli, A. ; Trugilho, P. F. . Factors affecting the mechanics of carbonized wood: literature review. Wood Science and Technology (Print), v. 50, p. 519-536

15. Araújo, Ana Clara Caxito de ; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando ; Napoli, Alfredo ; Braga, Pedro Paulo de Carvalho ; Lima, Rafaeli Valério de ; Protásio, Thiago de Paula . Efeito da relação siringil/guaiacil e de fenóis derivados da lignina nas características da madeira e do carvão vegetal de Eucalyptus spp. Scientia Forestalis (IPEF), v. 44, p. 405-414, 2016. 

16. Melo, Luiz Eduardo de Lima ; Silva, José Reinaldo Moreira da ; Napoli, Alfredo ; Lima, José Tarcisio ; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando ; Nascimento, Débora Fernanda Reis . Study of the physical properties of corymbia citriodora wood for the prediction of specific cutting force. Scientia forestalis (ipef), v. 44, p. 701-708, 2016. 

17. Melo, Luiz Eduardo de Lima ; Silva, José Reinaldo Moreira da ; Napoli, Alfredo ; Lima, José Tarcisio ; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando ; Nascimento, Débora Fernanda Reis . Influence of genetic material and radial position on the anatomical structure and basic density of wood from eucalyptus spp. And corymbia citriodora. Scientia forestalis (ipef), v. 44, p. 611621, 2016. 

18. Eric S. Noumi, Patrick Rousset, Angelica de Cassia Oliveira Carneiro, Joel Blin, Upgrading of carbon-based reductants from biomass pyrolysis under pressure, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, Volume 118, 2016, Pages 278-285.

19. L. D.F. Bambara, M. Sawadogo, J. Blin, D.Roy, D. Anciaux, Optimization of an oilseed-based biofuels upstream supply chain in West Africa,IFAC-PapersOnLine, Volume 50, Issue 1, 2017,Pages 6601-6606.

20. Elias Daouk, Laurent Van de Steene, Frederic Paviet, Eric Martin, Jeremy Valette, Sylvain Salvador, Oxidative pyrolysis of wood chips and of wood pellets in a downdraft continuous fixed bed reactor, Fuel, Volume 196, 2017, Pages 408-418.

21. Patrick Rousset, Bilel Mondher, Kevin Candellier, Ghislaine Volle, Janka Dibdiakova, Gilles Humbert, Comparing four bioreducers self-ignition propensity by applying heat-based methods derived from coal, Thermochimica Acta, Volume 655, 2017,Pages 13-20.

22. K. Candelier, J. Dibdiakova, G. Volle, P. Rousset. Study on chemical oxidation of heat treated lignocellulosic biomass under oxygen exposure by STA-DSC-FTIR analysis, Thermochimica Acta, Volume 644, 2016, Pages 33-42.

23. Caldeira-Pires Armando, Benoist Anthony, Da Luz Sandra Maria, Chaves Silverio Vanessa, Silveira Cristiano M., Machado Frederico Implications of removing straw from soil for bioenergy: An LCA of ethanol production using total sugarcane biomass.2018. Journal of Cleaner Production, 181 : 249-259.

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