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Publication Elsa

Les publications scientifiques permettent de diffuser des informations scientifiques et techniques, dans le respect très strict des clauses contractuelles de propriété intellectuelle, définies avec chaque partenaire.

Publications scientifiques récentes :

1. Boulay, Anne-marie, Jane Bare, Lorenzo Benini, Markus Berger, Michael J Lathuillière, Alessandro Manzardo, Manuele Margni, et al. "The Wulca Consensus Characterization Model for Water Scarcity Footprints : Assessing Impacts of Water Consumption Based on Available Water Remaining (Aware)." International Journal of Life Cycle Assesment  (2017).

2. Dong, Yan, Ralph K. Rosenbaum, and Michael Z. Hauschild. "Assessment of Metal Toxicity in Marine Ecosystems : Comparative Toxicity Potentials for Nine Cationic Metals in Coastal Seawater." Environmental Science & Technology 50 (2016): 269-78.

3. Droste, N, B Hansjürgens, P Kuikman, N Otter, R Antikainen, P Leskinen, K. Pitkänen, et al. "Steering Innovations Towards a Green Economy: Understanding Government Intervention." Journal of Cleaner Production 135 (2016): 426-34.

4. Esnouf, Antoine, Éric Latrille, Jean-Philippe Steyer, and Arnaud Helias. "Representativeness of Environmental Impact Assessment Methods Regarding Life Cycle Inventories." Science of The Total Environment  (2017).

5. Frischknecht, Rolf, Peter Fantke, Laura Tschümperlin, Monia Niero, Assumpció Antón, Jane Bare, Anne-marie Marie Boulay, et al. "Global Guidance on Environmental Life Cycle Impact Assessment Indicators : Progress and Case Study." International Journal of Life Cycle Assesment 21 (2016): 429-42.

6. Hajjaji, Noureddine, Sylvain Martinez, Eric Trably, Jean-Philippe Steyer, and Arnaud Helias. "Sciencedirect Life Cycle Assessment of Hydrogen Production from Biogas Reforming." International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41 (2016): 606475.

7. Larrey-lassalle, Pyrène, Laureline Catel, Philippe Roux, Ralph K Rosenbaum, Miguel Lopez-ferber, Guillaume Junqua, and Eléonore Loiseau. "An Innovative Implementation of Lca within the Eia Procedure : Lessons Learned from Two Wastewater Treatment Plant Case Studies." Environmental Impact Assessment Review 63 (2017): 95-106.

8. Loiseau, Eleonore, Laura Saikku, Riina Antikainen, Nils Droste, Bernd Hansjürgens, Kati Pitkänen, Pekka Leskinen, Peter Kuikman, and Marianne Thomsen. "Green Economy and Related Concepts: An Overview." Journal of Cleaner Production 139 (2016): 361-71.

9. Loubet, Philippe, and Philippe Roux, V eronique Bellon-Maurel. "Wala , a Versatile Model for the Life Cycle Assessment of Urban Water Systems : Formalism and Framework for a Modular Approach." Water Research 88 (2016): 69-82.

10. Loubet, Philippe, Philippe Roux, Laetitia Guérin-Schneider, and Véronique Bellon-Maurel. "Life Cycle Assessment of Forecasting Scenarios for Urban Water Management: A First Implementation of the Wala Model on Paris Suburban Area." Water Research 90 (2016): 128-40.

11. Nunez, Montse; Bouchard, R. Christian; Bulle, Cécile; Boulay, Anne-Marie; Margni, Manuele. "Critical Analysis of Life Cycle Impact Assessment Methods Addressing Consequences of Freshwater Use on Ecosystems and Recommendations for Future Method Development." The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment  (2016).

12. Payen, Sandra, Claudine Basset-mens, Montse Nunez, Stéphane Follain, Olivier Grünberger, Serge Marlet, Sylvain Perret, and Philippe Roux. "Salinisation Impacts in Life Cycle Assessment : A Review of Challenges and Options Towards Their Consistent Integration." The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment  (2016).

13. Pillot, Julie, Laureline Catel, Eddy Renaud, B en edicte Augeard, and Philippe Roux. "Up to What Point Is Loss Reduction Environmentally Friendly?: The Lca of Loss Reduction Scenarios in Drinking Water Networks." Water Research 104 (2016): 231-41.

14. Pitkänen, K., R Antikainen, N Droste, E Loiseau, L Saikku, L Aissani, B Hansjürgens, et al. "What Can Be Learned from Practical Cases of Green Economy? –Studies from Five European Countries." Journal of Cleaner Production 139 (2016): 666-76.

15. Roibas, Laura, Eléonore Loiseau, and Almudena Hospido. "Determination of the Carbon Footprint of All Galician Production and Consumption Activities : Lessons Learnt and Guidelines for Policymakers." Journal of Environmental Management 198 (2017): 289-99.

16. Rosenbaum, Ralph K. "Selection of Impact Categories, Category Indicators and Characterization Models in Goal and Scope Definition." Goal and Scope Definition in Life Cycle Assessment  (2017): 63-122.

17. van Zelm, Rosalie, Marijn van der Velde, Juraj Balkovic, Mirza Čengić, Pieter M.F. Elshout, Thomas Koellner, Montserrat Núñez, et al. "Spatially Explicit Life Cycle Impact Assessment for Soil Erosion from Global Crop Production." Ecosystem Services  (2017).

18. Verones, Francesca, Jane Bare, C Ecile Bulle, Rolf Frischknecht, Michael Hauschild, Stefanie Hellweg, Andrew Henderson, et al. "Lcia Framework and Cross-Cutting Issues Guidance within the Unep- Setac Life Cycle Initiative." Journal of Cleaner Production 161 (2017): 957-67.

19. Wei, Wei, Pyrène Larrey-Lassalle, Thierry Faure, Nicolas Dumoulin, Philippe Roux, and Jean-denis Mathias. "Using the Reliability Theory for Assessing the Decision Confidence Probability for Comparative Life Cycle Assessments." Environmental Science & Technology 50 (2016): 2272-80.

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